Mohamed Riad recounts the last moments of “Mahmoud Yassin”: Your invitations to Rania and Shahira


A sudden departure dire the family and fans of the artist Mahmoud Yassin, who moved away from art with his will for several years, to leave today in silence, leaving a great balance of timeless works of art in the memory of Egyptian art.”I pray to my wife and a famous woman .. The shock is too much for them.” With those words, the artist Mohamed Riad, husband of the artist Rania Mahmoud Yassin, began his speech to “Al-Watan”, confirming that they are in a bad psychological state following the tragedy of his death, and despite his great sadness, he is trying to hold together Whoever supported his wife: “I am unhappy about them at all .. He was a fever of craving, goodness, a great father, and an actor we all learned from him.”

And “Riyadh”: “His health has deteriorated greatly in his last days, and his fatigue has increased even more, and we had to transfer him to the Maadi Military Hospital,” completely denying the rumor of his death due to the emerging (Corona) virus: “If he had contracted him, we would not say, in the end, this is a disease. It is widespread and can infect anyone. ”

Regarding the reason for postponing the burial and the funeral until Thursday, the artist Mohamed Riad explained that this decision was made by the family because the brothers of the deceased and some of his family members were not present in Cairo, where they reside in Port Said Governorate, which caused the delay of these ceremonies until their arrival in Cairo.

The artist Mahmoud Yassin died in the early hours of Wednesday morning, at the age of 79, and Amr Mahmoud Yassin announced the death of his father, through his official account on Facebook.

Amr Mahmoud Yassin wrote: “My father, the artist Mahmoud Yassin, passed away. We belong to God and to Him we shall return. I ask you to pray.”

Mahmoud Yassin is an Egyptian actor, born in 1941 in Port Said Governorate, and graduated from the Faculty of Law at Cairo University in 1964, and joined the National Theater a year earlier.

His star emerged artistically in the seventies, and one of his most important cinematic works in that period is: “The Thin Thread, The Story of a Girl Name Marmar, Love and Pride, the bullet is still in my pocket.”

And in the era of the nineties of the twentieth century and the beginning of the new millennium, he was strongly present in dramas and presented: “Abu Hanifa al-Nu`man, Against the Current, Souk Al-Asr, Disobedience.”

Mahmoud Yassin married Shahira, and Rania and Amr had children.


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