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“Best left-back” is not a compliment or a claim. It was a title that Muhammad Emara, the star of Al-Ahly and the former national team, deserved, which he obtained during his professional experience in Germany at the Hansa Rostock Club, 6 times in a row in one month after the strong performances he made with his team The former star does not know excessive diplomacy, nor does he tend to the policy of drumming and cheering, as he is one of the supporters of confrontation and confronting the compliments that flood the sports center.

The “seventh day” met the former Al-Ahly star, to talk about many thorny issues, foremost of which is the football team at the Red Castle and its reception of the news of his son’s exclusion from the youth sector and his vision to appoint Musimani as technical director of Al-Ahly and many things we will monitor in the following dialogue..

What do you think about the appointment of Pitso Musimini in Al-Ahly training?

It is too early to judge Musimani with Al-Ahly, but it is a very successful choice from the Al-Ahly club’s board of directors, a coach who won the African Champions League with Sun Downs and achieved great successes with him, and Al-Ahly faced more than once and won with a great result, and he knows the keys to playing the team well. He is not a foreign coach for the team, and for me his success is related to obtaining the African Champions League, even if it came at a difficult time, and we wish him success with the team.

How do you see the management of Al-Ahly dealing with the file of the big players?

I have reservations about the policy of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahly in dealing with the file of the senior players in the club, even if this matter is not related to the Council of Al-Khatib only, but throughout history this matter happens, always the great player does not feel safe at the end of his career with Al-Ahly, knowing that the player is at the end His career needs appreciation and attention, and this has not existed for a long time in Al-Ahly with the departure of Taher Abu Zaid, Alaa Mayhoub, Walid Salah El-Din, Muhammad Emara and Hisham Hanafi, this is the year of life, but the way in which the player retires must be appreciated by the club, not just a promise of a position in Al-Ahly Or the junior sector.

What about the departure of Ramadan Sobhi?

Ramadan Sobhi is a different case, his loan ended with his club in England and the player’s desire settled the matter, because Ramadan wanted to leave Al-Ahly because of the great financial return and he decided to go through a new experience. Behind the scenes, but Ramadan is from the club’s children, and I hope he will leave in a better way. We do not want to repeat words like the player “Khayen and sold the club and sells money”, the fans must have an awareness of the world of professionalism.

If you received an offer like it in your days, would you leave Al-Ahly?

It is a tempting offer, but every time it has call to prayer, when I traveled to Germany, the value of the deal was equivalent to a million dollars at the time and it was a very large number, Al-Ahly did not delay and left legally and professionalized and went back to the club and retired there and played one season in Al-Masry, but I retired, I could not bear playing outside the club, But now we are talking about different numbers, the sums are very high, a 23-year-old player finds a large sum to be offered and he takes the decision to leave.

What do you think of the return of Nasser Maher to Al-Ahly?

I do not know how Al-Ahly abandoned him from the start and loaned him, there are about 4 players I did not imagine that Al-Ahly would loan them and they, Nasser Maher, Ahmed Yasser Rayan, Ahmed Hamdy and Muhammad Sharif, this file needs a review, especially since foreign deals did not benefit Al-Ahly, like Salah Improver.

Does Al-Ahly need to include a new goalkeeper?

Certainly, Al-Ahly has El-Shennawy, Ali Lotfi and Mustafa Schubert, and Al-Ahly needs at least 5 goalkeepers, because he participates in many tournaments, he needs three guards with the team mainly and bilaterally for emergency situations, and Al-Ahly faced a major crisis when El-Shennawy was injured and Ali Lotfy was infected with the Corona virus, He played Mustafa Schubert.

What do you think of Mustafa Schubert?

It needs more time to judge him, I hope that he will have a role in the coming period, and if I hope that he goes out far from Al-Ahly to get a chance to participate and play because the opportunity will be late for him in Al-Ahly, but if he comes out on loan, he will have a greater opportunity with Al-Ahly.

What is the best formation in Egyptian football from your point of view?

I do not think that it is fair to put a formation and say that it is the best in Egyptian football, and I see that the topic is different generations, and there are many distinguished players, for example in the left-back position there are many players such as Rabie Yassin, Muhammad Emara, Hani Ramzy, Muhammad Abdel Wahab and Sayed Moawad Every player in us is different from the other, and the player’s evaluation of his achievements and numbers is, for example, I professional in Germany, Rabei Yassin played the World Cup, Mr. Mouawad won two African Nations Championships and I won one championship, and therefore the evaluation is unfair..

The only one who can say that he is the best player in his position is Hussam Hassan, because he collected everything, won African championships, professional and won local championships, so he is the best in his position.

What do you think of some objection to the appointment of Musimani without Al-Ahly’s children in coaching the team?

Who among the sons of the club that was suitable for Al-Ahly to take a chance ?, The most suitable person from my point of view was Hussam Hassan, but Al-Ahly management and any management of Al-Ahly would not have appointed him because of the crises, and after him Muhammad Yusuf because he won the African Championship and worked in the first class for a large period, whether with Josiah Or Carteron, Emad Al-Nahhas, with all my respect for him, is a good coach project, but he needs more experience to train the team, and like him on Maher, Ahmed Koshary and Sami T-shirts, he will also have a great deal, and he worked with me in the junior sector and knows his abilities..

How do you see the management of the junior sector in the current time?

Al-Ahly needs to educate training cadres. Earlier, he used to send coaches to take courses in Europe and after a year or two he would leave, after the expenses that Al-Ahly paid for the education of this trainer, now if we look at the sector, we will not find a single trainer suitable for the first class.

How do you see the departure of your son Hadi from Al-Ahly?

Hadi was subjected to injustice in the Gaza Strip, and he did not get the opportunity, and this is the tax of all the children of the stars, but I always advise him about my personal experience, because I am very tired to reach what I achieved, and Hadi took the same path four years ago, he used to ride 4 transportation to reach the club and touch people and he passed the challenges he faces The football players and coaches were not honest, and the regions league was lower in level than the Republic League, and it needed to play bigger leagues to judge it. Sector leagues adversely affected the sector and in the last 15 years we find a few names graduating to the first class.

How do you see the use of Brokitch in the young?

Al-Ahly hired a foreign technical manager, but this experiment failed before, like what happened with Cole, and I don’t know why Al-Ahly repeated the experience.

How did you receive the news of Hady’s exclusion from the youths?

His departure was delayed, from my point of view, I hoped that he would leave to find an opportunity to participate and gain experiences, but I do not pressure him and let him determine what he wants, all my anger is only from the way they took him away, they talked to him, but no one spoke to me, “Especially the one who is holding my sisters My generation, whether Khaled Bebo or Yasser Radwan, and I would have liked to be in contact, but tell him his level is lower than ours, or I will see another moment in which he plays. This is my regret for them. But the method was bad, because it came from the people closest to me, because they “were” my friends and among us were ten, but they lost it in an instant.

Is your generation exposed to injustice because of a righteous and sound decision not to participate in Africa?

From 96 to 98, our generation was subjected to injustice due to not participating in the CAF tournaments because of Al-Ahly’s apology for participating in them, and after that I received a professional offer and traveled to Germany, but one player cannot combine all things, there are some things that compensate for others, I participated in one of the strongest European Leagues, and Saleh Selim’s decision, from his point of view, was the most appropriate, but if I played it with Al-Ahly, it would have been different in my tournament record, but I compensated for that period with the national team..

Which would you choose if you were a player .. Sitting on the bench of Al-Ahly and winning the championships, or moving to another team to participate in the matches?

Al-Ahly is an honor that comes after it is an honor, and I was lucky that I moved to Al-Ahly while I was an international player, I was an Olympic team player and then a first team, and I am a fan of Al-Ahly no matter how much I criticize a situation or policy, but no one bids for my affiliation, but playing is a greater benefit than sitting on the bench and winning championships Although most players prefer the opposite.

Do you still go to the club?

I am in the club every day, and I participate with old players in matches. Al-Ahly is the honor of its players, fans and members..

What about your relationship with the people of art?

Some artists participate in the old matches, such as Issam Karika, Mohamed Ramadan, who is my friend and brother, and Sheikh Muhammad Jibril, Muhammad Hamaki, and Ahmed El-Sakka, the relationship of art and sports is strong and there is love between the two parties..

There are athletes who have knocked on the doors of art .. Have you thought to follow their path?

They laughed … But they failed … Except for Salih Salim, and I liked him very much in the movie Black Candles. Sherif Abdel Moneim made about 4 or 5 films, but all of them included the role of the officer, I don’t know why.

What character do you want to embody?

To adore the characters represented by the late artist Ahmed Zaki, I follow his films with focus.


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