Muhammad Ramadan publishes his first photo with his father … “Building a man is more difficult than building a city”


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The artist Mohamed Ramadan, his fans and followers, participated in publishing a picture of his father, on his official page on social media, and this is the first appearance of Ramadan’s father through the social media pages.

“Ramadan” commented on the photo on his official page on the famous photo and video site “Instagram”, saying: “My dear father, what can do is build two men named Mahmoud Ramadan and Muhammad Ramadan, and for knowledge building a man is more difficult than building a city. My dear father, our Lord protects him and my mother and appreciates me. On their happiness and satisfaction always and never ».

It is noteworthy that the artist Mohamed Ramadan is making final preparations for filming the first scenes of his new series “Musa”, written by Nasser Abdul Rahman and directed by Muhammad Salama, which is scheduled to be shown within the marathon of the upcoming Ramadan series.

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