Musimane imposes a fence of secrecy on Al-Ahly’s first training in Morocco


South African coach Pitso Musimani, Al-Ahly coach, asked to impose a fence of secrecy on the training of the first red team in Morocco, which is scheduled to be held this evening, which comes in preparation for the Moroccan Wydad match scheduled for next Saturday, in the semi-finals of the African Champions League, and Musimani refused to attend the media out of fear of spies Moroccan Wydad, to avoid reporting the scenes and details of preparations for the other camp.

It is expected that the duo, Ali Maaloul and Geraldo, will participate in the team’s training today after their return from the camp of their national team during the last period before joining the Al-Ahly camp before the upcoming Wydad confrontation.

In a related development, Caplio Rangwaja, the Physical Load Planner, has developed a special program to equip the duo Tunisian Ali Maaloul and Angolan Geraldo, the team’s players who are joining the team’s delegation in Morocco today, after the end of their participation in the two national team camps, and the “Caplio” program includes special and various hospital units for the two; In order to prepare them for the match Wydad

List included Ahly To Morocco: Muhammad Al-Shennawi, Ali Lotfi, Mustafa Schubert, Mahmoud Wahid, Ayman Ashraf, Yasser Ibrahim, Muhammad Hani, Ahmed Fathi, Amr Al-Sulayyah, Ali Diang, Hamdi Fathi, Muhammad Majdi Afsha, Junior Ajayi, Salih Jumaa, Hussein Al-Shahat, Ahmed Al-Sheikh, Walid Suleiman, Mahmoud Kahraba, Marwan Mohsen and Ali Badji . Today, the Tunisian Ali Maaloul and the Angolan Giraldo join the team’s delegation in Morocco, after the end of their participation with their national teams.


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