Musimane is close to signing an African striker to Al Ahly after “selling” Azaro


Betso Mosimane, the new Al-Ahly technical manager, has approached the inclusion of an African striker playing on the continent of the red continent during the current summer transfers after he told Red Castle officials that there is more than one African player playing in African leagues, most notably South Africa, and wants to sign him and leave club officials the freedom to choose the new striker To the South African coach, who took over the responsibility of coaching the team recently, succeeding the Swiss, Rene Fyler, and the last period witnessed negotiations and sessions between Musimane and Al-Ahly management. Anpei and Pyramids have signed an outstanding striker.

On a related note, he finished Ahly The agreement with his counterpart, the Saudi agreement on the procedures for the sale of Moroccan Walid Azaro Muhajib, the first to the latter after the negotiations that took place during the past few days between the two clubs, and the deal was finally settled, and it will be officially announced within the next few days. Walid Azaro had moved from Al-Ahly to the agreement last January for a period of six Months before the Saudi club asked to permanently buy the Moroccan striker from Al-Ahly.

A source said that Al-Ahly agreed to transfer Azzaro to the agreement in exchange for 600 thousand dollars, in addition to the 100 thousand dollars remaining from the player borrowing in January, where the loan was made for 200 thousand dollars in January, Al-Ahly got 100 thousand and did not get the other 100 thousand so far, The source added that the sale of Azzaro also includes Al-Ahly obtaining 20% ​​of the proceeds from selling the Moroccan player to any club outside Egypt and 30% of the proceeds from selling it to any club inside Egypt, provided that the priority for Al-Ahly is to include Azaro if the agreement wants to sell it to any club inside Egypt.

The last period witnessed controversy over the future of Azzaro, as reports emerged that the player would return to Al-Ahly next season, especially after the departure of the former Swiss coach Rene Fyler, the former coach of the team who was not convinced of the abilities of the Moroccan striker, but the Al-Ahly management settled in the end to sell Azzaro in order to sign a foreign player. Another with the knowledge of South African Pitso Musimane, the new Al-Ahly coach.


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