Musimani: Zamalek fans congratulated me on winning over Al-Ahly, and the opposite happened in the 2016 final


South African Petsu Musimani, the new technical director of Al-Ahly club, confirmed that he had received congratulatory messages from the fans of Zamalek after winning over Al-Ahly, and that some of them were in constant contact with him even after his official contract with Al-Ahly was surprised by the persistence of the messages. Stressing that before the official contract, he loved the two clubs, but after his formal contract with Al-Ahly, all his tendencies became towards the Al-Ahly club, which he hopes will place it in its great position as the best club in the continent.

He said that when he beat Zamalek in the final of the African Champions League in 2016, I received congratulatory messages from Al-Ahly fans.

He said in statements to Al-Ahly TV that the competition in the African Champions League is difficult for the four teams, as all of them have the same ambition and chances of crowning the championship, stressing that Wydad Morocco is a good team and has the spirit of victory and it is difficult to lose at home. Sui from Al-Ahly once before.

He pointed out that Zamalek is a large and well-known team on the African arena. As for Raja, he does not have enough information about him.

He said that it is fair the decision made by the African Union to hold semi-final matches back and forth and not from one match so that the competition is logical and realistic, indicating that the absence of the masses from the stands in football matches is unfortunate, but the lives of citizens are more important and the government’s instructions must be implemented because the outbreak of a virus Corona was difficult for everyone.


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