Mysterious technology spotted on a secret American plane!


Mysterious technology spotted on a secret American plane!

Archive photo of Model 401 “Son of Ares”

The American photographer was able to take a photo documenting the presence of a strange container on the “Model 401” Son of Ares during one of the tests it underwent.

The photo, published by the military expert, Tyler Rogoway, shows that the lower part of the nose of the plane installed a small container equipped with large openings on the front and back and a hatch from the right side.

In the tweet in which he posted the photo, the expert indicated that “the container that appeared on the fuselage was likely to be a laser weapon.”

For his part, The Drive pointed out that the image in which the plane landed was taken near the Mojave Space Center in California.

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It should be noted that the Model 401 “Son of Ares” is a test plane weighing about 1800 kg, manufactured by Scaled Composites, and took off for the first time in 2017.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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