Nadia Mersal Laila Kora: My appearance surprised some … and our generation “was aggrieved


In the first incident of its kind in women’s football stadiums, a female observer was appointed for the Maadi, Yacht and Tram match in the Egyptian Women’s League Championship.

Nadia Mersal, who was the author of the first experience in the Women’s Football League, after Sahar Abdel-Haq, the general supervisor of women’s football and a member of the Football Association, agreed with the main competitions committee headed by Hossam El-Zinati and the Women’s Competitions Committee headed by Najla Shibl to give old players the opportunity to work as observers in various matches, Provided that the generalization of experience in the upcoming matches to promote the game.

At the beginning of her speech, Laila Koura, Nadia Mersal was keen to thank Sahar Abdel-Haq, a member of the Board of Directors of the Football Association, and Naglaa Shebel, head of the competitions committee for women’s football, for the effort made by the duo to upgrade the game and try to support it with all its strength.

About her experience, Mersal says: “I am one of the founders of women’s football in Egypt. I started playing football in 1998 with the club, Sayeda Zeinab, previously (The Future of Watan today).

She added, “I have experience that qualifies me to take on the task. I obtained a C license in administrative work in football, and I previously held the position of managing director in more than one team, whether women or men.”

And she continued, “I received a phone call from Naglaa Shebel, head of the Women’s Competitions Committee, informing me of my appointment as an observer for the Maadi, Yacht and Tram match, to become the first observer for a women’s league match in the history of the game in Egypt.”

The former Sayeda Zeinab player continued, “My presence as an observer of the match surprised everyone. I did not feel fear at all, unlike some fear of my appointment.”

When asked about her football career, she said: “Our generation has been subjected to financial and media oppression. Women’s football has developed a lot in recent years. There has been some media and material interest from officials, unlike the case 15 years ago.”

Mersal continued: “Our generation did not receive any support. I remember when we were going into Ramadan tournaments, the rewards were (certificates of appreciation, shoes or sportswear). Now the situation has changed and there are financial rewards to support the game and raise the level of the players.”

She concluded her speech by sending a letter to the Egyptian Football Association and asking it to hold tournaments for Baraem to discover new talents and support them early, and she suggested to El-Gabalaya to nominate players to appear in advertisements to support women’s football.


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