NASA unveils a surprise about the moon tomorrow .. what do you think?


NASA is preparing to hold a press conference tomorrow, Monday, and its live broadcast can be followed up on its website, in which it will explain the details of “new and exciting” that it discovered on the moon through a telescope installed on a plane that makes ten daily flights at an altitude of 11 kilometers, to monitor nebulae, galaxies, planets of the solar system and their moons, far from Effects of the layer known as “stratosphere” on the Earth’s airspace

And from what scientific media expected, the discovery may be related to the emergence and development of life on Earth, as well as to a program in which the US Agency is active since now, which is Artemis The aim is to send the first woman in 2024 to the moon, and then astronauts to perform in the thirties of this century the first field exploration of Mars.

In announcing its conference, which will begin at 12 noon tomorrow, Monday, EST, “NASA” said that the discovery took place thanks to a telescope, and its diameter is 2.7 meters, while it weighs 17 tons with its devices, and is installed on board the Boeing 747SP Costing more than a billion dollars, the telescope is known by its name SOFIA Short for its long name, the mobile is in the “stratosphere” in the Earth’s airspace, so that its height allows a clean observation away from atmospheric influences, to capture the infrared radiation coming from the far depths of the universe, and “NASA” operates it in cooperation with the German Center for Aeronautics and Space..

The latest discovery about the moon was what NASA announced last July that its craters are rich in minerals, including iron and titanium, “more than we thought, which may mean that there is a storehouse rich in mineral materials under the surface of the moon,” according to the results of a study published in a periodical. “Earth and Planetarian Science Letters” in its number that month, in which the scientists mentioned that they spent a long time discussing how the moon was formed, that it was launched from the earth’s crust as a result of a massive collision with it, the size of Mars, and if this hypothesis is correct, then its crust contains an amount Of iron oxide less than the moon.


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