Nelly Karim and Zafir El-Abidine on the poster for the movie “Blood Line” +18


Actress Nelly Karim revealed the first teaser poster for their movie “Blood Line”, which is collected by the famous artist Zafer Al-Abidine, and it is considered one of the films that many followers and viewers await in all different areas because it is one of the best films presented in many Egyptian cinemas.

Nelly Karim and Zafir El-Abidine on the poster for the movie “Blood Line” +18

It is also mentioned that Nelly Karim and Zahir al-Abidin appeared in the propaganda poster and came with a red background, and also topped the 18+ year-old sign for the film, and she also commented on it saying, “The official poster for the blood line movie .. starring Nelly Karim and Zafir al-Abidin .. It will be shown on Watch VIp on October 30th, ”and it’s one of her special films.

On the other hand, Nelly participates in another film called “Tuesday 12”, directed by the Tunisian Majdi Samiri, and the director continues to shoot the film in Dubai, and it brings together Nelly Karim, Basem Yakhour, Omar Mikati, Badi Abu Shakra, Stephanie Atallah, Joya Jabbour, Pepper Samaan and Nour Ihab and Carol Abboud.

The events of the film revolve around a wonderful story, which is the arrival of three girls of adulthood as they fight their parents to achieve their dreams despite the presence of many social and religious differences between them, and all the heroes face many difficulties and challenges that cannot be faced, as well as the work of sports and also want to achieve all their dreams .

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