New events in the May 15 case: The defendant confesses to practicing vice with her nephew


On Sunday morning, the security authorities obtained new details in the investigations of the May 15 incident in Helwan, which resulted in the death of a young man at the hands of his cousin after he saw him practicing vice with his mother and then pushed him from the fifth floor.

The opposition judge issues a decision to imprison the defendants in the May 15 case:

The final investigations revealed that the defendant, who is the aunt, used to practice immorality with her nephew, who was the deceased, several months ago, because they used drugs together and drank alcohol in the absence of her son, who is the second accused.

The final investigations conducted by the Criminal Investigation Department team in the 15th of May department concluded through some observations that the second accused had pushed his cousin after seeing him practicing vice with his mother in the bedroom, and those clips that revealed the details of the crime were presented to the prosecution.

The investigation authorities urgently requested the victim’s forensic report, as well as a special report that examined 5 videos explaining that crime, while the opposition judge issued an order to renew the detention of the accused for a period of 15 days pending investigations.

The Public Prosecution also attributed the charge of premeditated murder to the second defendant and the accusation of drug abuse to the first defendant.


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