Nisreen Tafesh shows off her luxury car and angering the followers


Syrian actress publishedNisreen TafeshA picture of her inside her luxury car on her own account on a social media site, which caused an uproar, which caused a sensation and angered some followers.
Nisreen Tafesh appeared in her car with her kitten and wrote a comment in which she said: “When you think and talk about what you want? And why do you want it? You remain in a more general emotional state and this situation is the key to achieving your intentions and dreams.
The comments on the image of the Syrian artist witnessed some criticism of her because of her imitation of the Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry, who recently appeared in her luxury car.
Nisreen Tafesh appeared in her photo inside a Ferrari GTB 488 Coupe, its price is AED 999,800, equivalent to approximately $ 272,239.


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