No symptoms and the numbers are reassuring … The Minister of Education reveals the details of the emergence of 49


11:58 PM

Wednesday 28 October 2020

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education, affirmed the ministry’s interest in preserving the interest of students away from the decisions taken by adults represented by parents and schools.

Shawky explained, during a phone call to the “DMC Evening” program broadcast on “DMC” channel on Wednesday, that the Ministry of Education aims to preserve the student’s right to a quality education and not harm him psychologically or morally, pointing out that parents are given an appointment until 15 Next November to pay tuition arrears from previous years.

And the minister added: “In the event of non-commitment to pay the expenses on this date, the transfer will be made to government schools, indicating that a deadline will be given for students to pay the expenses of the first installment for the current year until November 30, and another deadline until the end of December in order to avoid transfer to government schools.”

The Minister of Education affirmed that unprecedented precautionary measures will be taken on the ground to confront the emerging corona virus.

Shawky added that Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health, presented a report today in the Council of Ministers on the Corona virus and the numbers of infections in educational facilities until October 25, 8 days after the start of the new school year, pointing out that the total number of infections is estimated at only 49 out of a total of 25 million Student.

The minister added, “There are 19 cases in Cairo, 14 governorates without injuries, 6 governorates with one injury, and other governorates with two or 3 cases,” noting that there is no justification for concern, that the numbers are reassuring, and the injuries are asymptomatic.

The minister pointed out that the World Health Organization emphasized the need to open schools based on the low rates of corona infection among students and teachers around the world, noting that the latest report issued in the United States recommends the necessity of opening schools and teaching face to face.

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