Nobody tells me to go back … Mohy Ismail is exposed to an embarrassing situation at the El Gouna Festival


A short while ago, the artist Mohy Ismail arrived on the red carpet at the El Gouna Film Festival to watch the film “200 meters” by director Amin Nayfa, and was exposed to an embarrassing situation after the photographers asked him to take a step back, and despite his rebuke, saying: “No one says, go back,” but after their request was fulfilled. His foot hit the barricade and almost knocked him to the ground.

The film tells the story of Mustafa and his wife, who come from two Palestinian villages separated by a separation wall, even though the distance between them is only 200 meters. Meters to Odessa is frightening, and the film participated as a project in El Gounas Springboard in the development stage in the inaugural edition of the El Gouna Film Festival, where it won the Mentor Arabia Prize for empowering youth and children.

Mohi Ismail (1)

The El Gouna Film Festival is one of the leading festivals in the Middle East, aiming to show a group of diverse films to a passionate and enthusiastic audience, create better communication between cultures through the art of cinema, and connect filmmakers from the region with their international counterparts in order to enhance the spirit of cooperation and cultural exchange. In addition, the festival is committed to discovering new cinematic sounds and is keen to be a catalyst for the development of cinema in the Arab world, especially through its industry arm: the El Gouna Film Platform.


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