October 18 … The Administrative Court considers Mortada Mansour’s case against the Olympic Committee’s decision


The Administrative Judiciary Court of the State Council has set the session on October 18 to hear the lawsuit filed by Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, demanding that he suspend the decision issued by the Egyptian Olympic Committee, in which the Egyptian Olympic Committee obligated the management of the Zamalek Club to call for a general assembly to elect a new president for the club In place of Mortada Mansour, who has been suspended from any sporting activity for 4 years.

The lawsuit, No. 2015 of the 75 judicial year, was concluded by the Minister of Youth and Sports and the Executive Director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and Hisham Hatab, Chairman of the Egyptian Olympic Committee.

On October 4, the Egyptian Olympic Committee had obligated the management of Zamalek Club to call for a general assembly to elect a new club president, instead of Mortada Mansour, who was suspended from any sporting activity for a period of 4 years.

The Egyptian Olympic Committee statement regarding the complaints lodged against the president of the Zamalek Club came as follows:

The Board of Directors of the Egyptian Olympic Committee met today, Sunday 4-10-2020, to consider the outcome of the investigation into the complaints submitted by the president of Al-Ahly Club, the former president of Zamalek Club, the deputy and members of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, the Egyptian Football Association, and the head of the referees committee The main team of the Egyptian Football Association, the Egyptian Handball Federation, and a number of sports figures, all of whom are affected by the president of the Zamalek Club insulting, slandering and insulting them and the sports institutions they represent, using the Zamalek satellite channel, which he directed from its sports role, as well as social media .


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