October .. and the secret of victory Egyptian today


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Only the people of Egypt know the secret of Egypt, and therefore it is “disobedient” to strangers, even if they try to delve deeper into it … We have more than one example.

Leading English politicians said, after their forces occupied our country and raised their flags on the Citadel of Salah al-Din and on the Egyptian army barracks on the Nile in Cairo, they said that the Egyptians had at least half a century to wake up from the shock of the occupation .. but they were disappointed, as after less than 20 Mustafa Kamel Pasha appeared to awaken all the Egyptians, and this young leader succeeded in waking the people exactly 18 years ago .. after he placed his hand in the hand of the young Khedive Abbas Helmy II .. and his voice rang out: “Egypt for the Egyptians” and when Britain united with France – which She supported him – and they agreed together to divide the region, in what was known as the friendly agreement .. He left the Khedive and relied on the people who stood with him.

Just as they said after the defeat of Egypt in June 1967, a battle in which the army mobilized us, but it did not fight … and the battle ended before it was able to fight. And this changed us when the Egyptian army mobilized well and took the initiative in its hand .. and fought .. That is why it won in October 1973 .. They said after the June 1967 defeat that Egypt has 50 years to wake up from the shock of defeat .. Indeed, the commander of the Israeli army, Moshe Dayan, said that he is sitting next to the phone. To answer the calls of Arab leaders to sit down and negotiate.

But they were also disappointed .. as after only 7 years, they were surprised by this Egyptian army setting off, crossing the canal, not afraid of their forces and not afraid of the Bar Lev Line .. and inflicting on them the biggest military defeat that Israel knows .. This happened even though they rumored that they had become the largest military force In the region .. they are the army with the long hand that knows nothing but victory .. but it tasted the bitterness of defeat when we planned well and were able to force its air forces to hide .. until our forces crossed and seized all its fortified positions, east of the canal, despite what was popular at the time of Only a nuclear bomb can destroy the Bar-Lev line.

You see what is the secret of this people, for moments after the crossing set off, the people stood behind their army. Until there was not a single criminal crime and the people did not rush to the markets to collect their food .. Even the thieves stopped .. banditry !! People did not feel any shortage of food.

■ ■ The main reason for all of this is that we knew how to deal with people by telling them the truth and not hiding any information .. Contrary to what happened during the June 1967 war when we claimed and claimed and lied to the people .. The truth alone was the beginning of this victory and the insistence on victory was the goal of our forces … And when we knew how to make use of the weapons under our hands, even if it was without the enemy’s weaponry … the truth was and the army’s determination was the key to the October 1973 victory, and this is one of the most important reasons for the great victory.

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