Officially | Excluding the Egypt Cup … The Football Association determines the teams participating in the African Champions League and the Confederation of 2021


The Egyptian Football Association, headed by Amr El Ganaini, has decided the teams that will qualify to participate in the two championships African Champions League And the Confederation in the next version.

The Football Association decided that the first four teams of the Egyptian League competition ranking this season will participate in the two tournaments without the participation of the Egyptian Cup champion in the Confederation in the next edition.

Crowned Ahly In the Egyptian league title officially before the end of the competition, for the fifth consecutive time and for the 42nd in its history, while Zamalek ranks second in the league table with 68 points, but 3 points will be deducted from it at the end of the current season, for its withdrawal in front of Al-Ahly in the first round, while it occupies Pyramids are third with 64 points, and the Arab Contractors occupy fourth place with 53 points.

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The Egyptian Federation published an official statement clarifying the continuation of the selection of the four clubs from the Egyptian League competition to participate in the various African championships next season, and avoiding the participation of the cup champion in the current version in the Confederation, while the statement clarified the Football Association’s request from the Confederation of African Football, “enough”, to extend The deadline for sending club names is until the end of October, instead of 20.

FIFA statement

The Egyptian Football Association decided to send the names of the first four clubs to the Premier League competition to participate in the next two African club championships, similar to what happened last season, given that the Egyptian Cup this season will end at a time close to the launch of the new version of the African championships.

As a result, the first and second place winners will participate in the African League Championship, while the third and fourth will participate in the Confederation.

Since Al-Ahly club has decided the first place in its favor, it will participate in the champions of the league, while Pyramids and Zamalek clubs will compete for the second place, while Al-Mokawloon and Smouha are competing for the fourth place.

And because the competition for second place will not be resolved except in the last round of the league competition, and there is also a possibility of extending the competition for fourth place until the last round as well, if it is not decided today during the Egypt clearing match with Smouha, the Egyptian Football Association decided to apply to the Confederation for an extension The deadline for sending club names is until the end of October, instead of 20.

The Egyptian Federation’s request comes in light of the possibility that CAF will wait until the end of the league championship on November 6, due to the possibility of Zamalek winning it, which, if it happens, will be able to participate with him in the tournament even if his ranking in the league comes after the first and second places.


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