Officially, Hossam El-Badry includes Ramadan Sobhy and Mostafa Mohamed for the team’s list against Togo


Hossam Al-Badri, the technical director of the first team, met today with Shawky Gharib, the technical director of the Olympic team at the headquarters of the Egyptian Football Association, in the presence of Mohamed Barakat, director of the first team, and Dr. Alaa Abdel Aziz, director of the Olympic team, to coordinate and arrange for the next camp for the first and Olympic teams during the next stage. The meeting took place in a friendly framework that reflects the harmony between the national teams in favor of Egyptian football.

Gharib stressed that all national teams support and support the national team in its next camp to overcome the Togo matches and qualify for the African Nations in Cameroon 2021.
Gharib said that, after consultation and coordination with Hossam Al-Badri, it was agreed that the five-fifths of the Olympic team, Mustafa Muhammad, Ramadan Sobhi, Akram Tawfiq, Ahmed Abu Al-Fotouh and Taher Muhammad Taher, would join the first team’s training in its upcoming open camp, provided that there would be an assessment of the situation before announcing the final list of the national team.

He added that the next stage requires concerted efforts to achieve the desired goals for all teams, whether at the level of official matches for the first team or the Olympic team preparation program for the Tokyo Olympics.

Shawqi Gharib announced a few days ago the initial Olympic squad, which includes 40 players, provided that Captain Hossam Al-Badri should have complete freedom to choose the elements that the first team chooses.

It is noteworthy that the Olympic team starts its open camp on the first of November in preparation for playing two friendly matches, one of which is with the Brazilian team on November 16 at Al-Jawhara Stadium in Saudi Arabia, and the second match will be on November 13, which is being determined.


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