Officially, the French League issued its decision on accusing Neymar of racism


Officially, the French League issued its decision on accusing Neymar of racism


The French League announced that Neymar, the star of Paris Saint-Germain, and Alvaro Gonzalez, defender of Marseille, accused of racist statements during the two teams’ match in the local league, will not be punished.

“The Disciplinary Committee of the French Football Association stated that it does not have sufficient evidence to allow it to establish the essence of the facts related to the discriminatory language,” the association said in a statement on Wednesday.

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He accused Neymar of exchanging racist and anti-gay statements towards the Spaniard Gonzalez, and the other Marseille defender, Japanese Hiroki Sakai, while the Brazilian star Neymar claimed that the heart of the Spanish defense (Gonzalez), described him as a dirty monkey and a “damned lions”.

The match between Paris Saint-Germain and its host Marseille in the third round of the French Football League, which was held on the 13th of this month, witnessed great tension between the players of the two teams, forcing the referee to announce the yellow card five times in the first half, and nine in the second.

The tension increased in the last sixth minute of stoppage time, with bilateral clashes between the Argentines Leandro Paredes and Dario Benedetto on the one hand, and Jordan Amavi and Ivan Corzawa on the other hand, and the referee dismissed them, the first two with the second yellow card, before Neymar expelled him for hitting Gonzalez without the ball at the moment of engagement.

Neymar and Paredes suspended two matches against the background of the red card, Corzawa six matches, and Amna three games, while the other Argentine, Angel Di Maria, was suspended four games for spitting on Gonzalez.

Source: Agencies


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