Olympic: If the public of Zamalek is not established according to the law, it will be dissolved


01:01 AM

Saturday 10 October 2020

Books – Muhammad Hammam:

Sherif El-Erian, secretary of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, responded about if the General Assembly of Zamalek was not established in accordance with the sports law and club regulations.

Al-Erian said in statements on Al-Nahar TV early on Saturday morning: “The election position is clearly defined. There is the club’s regulations and the sports law.”

He explained: “An ordinary general invitation must be sent from the period 7-1 to 10-30 of each year, and in the event of vacancies in the council, elections must be held and the door to candidacy open to complete the term or choose a new council in the event that the current council’s term expires.”

When asked about in the event that the ordinary general assembly of the Zamalek Council was not held on time, he revealed: “There are 30 days or 45 days for this assembly, and if this period is not adhered to, the Zamalek Club board of directors will be completely dissolved.”

And Sherif El-Erian revealed in previous statements that the Egyptian Olympic took escalating steps against Mortada Mansour after years.

The Egyptian Olympic Committee issued several decisions against Mortada Mansour on the fourth of this month, perhaps the most prominent of which was the suspension of the president of Zamalek Club for four years in addition to a fine of 100,000 pounds.


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