Omar Kamal about his quarrel with Bassem Samra: “his shape was a mustache”


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Festivals singer Omar Kamal said that his crisis and the argument that occurred between him and Bassem Samra was caused by him being a “drinker of alcohol”, according to his description, indicating that he did not create any problem with him, but rather he was the one who came to the stage while singing at a friend’s birthday party.

“I was singing at the Christmas party and I was surprised by the artist Bassem Samra (Beshuh and Bazak) to come to Saad Al-Saghir and ask me to greet him. Then I did that and greeted him to come. He asked me to go off the stage and then spoke to me inappropriately, but I did not answer him because it was clear that he was a mustache, and he was present at that time, Hamo Beka and Saad Al-Saghir, and he worked with me like what he did with Muhammad Ramadan before that.

He continued, “What happened has nothing to do with depravity, but an individual problem, such as what happened between Shikabala and Ahmed Fahmy.”

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