On the anniversary of the birth of Naima Al-Saghir … he got to know her granddaughter, the well-known artist


Tuesday, October 20 is the anniversary of his departure The able artist Naima Al SaghirShe was born on December 25, 1931, and passed away from our world in the same year since 1991, and is considered one of the most prominent female artists in Egyptian cinema who were able to present the roles of evil.
Was born Naima Al SagheerIn 1931, in the city of Alexandria, she was called “Naima Al-Sagheer” after her husband at that time, the popular singer Mohamed Al-Sagheer, and “Al-Sagheer” worked as a monologue through her participation in the Ibrahim Hammouda troupe and in the Ismail Yassin troupe.
Naima Al-Saghir embodied 185 personalities, most of them through the cinema screen, where the character of the evil lady who professed in evil deeds prevailed over her. Her strong tones of voice qualified her to succeed and excel in these roles from these works. The two orphans are divided and shared.

And many may not know that the late artist Naima Al-Saghir was also a granddaughter in the artistic community, but she did not enjoy the same fame as her grandmother, it is the young artist Abeer, who is 55 years old.

Abeer al-Saghir began her artistic career, after the death of her grandmother, in the early nineties, and most of the roles in which she participated were secondary roles, starting with her participation in the movie «Crazy on the road in 1991, and “the sea is laughing Les “1995, until her last participation in the film“ Free From Cholesterol»2005.


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