“One window after 24 hours” .. How citizens interacted with a traffic gate


08:12 PM

Sunday 25 October 2020

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

The General Traffic Department continued its efforts to facilitate procedures and provide distinguished traffic services, and the traffic system activated, yesterday, Saturday, a new electronic service that allows owners of valid vehicles with a license to request the issuance and installation of the electronic poster through the Egypt Traffic Portal website on the Ministry of Interior website.

The citizen goes to the traffic unit to receive the new license and install the poster through one window after 24 hours have passed from the electronic submission of the application.

This was met with positive interaction with a wide sector of citizens, and the number of service seekers reached 433 citizens within a short period of the launch of this service.

The ministry attaches great importance to the commitment to install the electronic sticker inside the traffic units, and this is done with the technical knowledge of the specialist and taking into account the technical and security controls followed in this regard.

Traffic units nationwide continue to operate until eight in the evening, to install it. It is noteworthy that the electronic label was made using the finest materials and secured in an integrated way.

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