“Our life has turned 180 degrees.” What is happening in the house of Majdi Kamel and Maha Ahmad?


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The family of the artist Magdy Kamel and his wife, the artist Maha Ahmed, have been exposed to several crises and sudden accidents during the recent period, all of whom suffered a bout of depression, while they attributed the cause of the calamity that befell them to “envy”.

Adel, son of Majdi Kamel and Maha Ahmed, revealed a number of crises that met him on the personal level, including his life interrupted more than 4 months ago after his separation from his first love, which lasted more than a year and a half.

“Adel” said that he also had a depressive episode after losing his friend, YouTuber, Mustafa Hafnawi, who passed away after suffering a sudden coma. He also talked about a car accident that nearly claimed his mother’s life.

“Adel” touched on the crises that the whole family had recently encountered, including his severe exhaustion a few days ago, the doctors’ inability to explain the cause of it, in addition to prescribing the appropriate treatment for it.

The family of Magdy and Maha was also not exempt from problems, after their son Ahmed was isolated due to his infection with the new Corona virus, especially since he suffers from severe immunodeficiency since he was a child with special abilities.

Maha Ahmed used to sardly talk about her son Ahmed, saying: “My soul hugged him and I did not know, and I feared for him because of his weak immunity, because for many months I had not been able to touch him since the start of Corona.”

But she commented on what happened to her and her family that “there is a great, strong envy. I am standing at the door of the room. I hear my voice just so that he can hear that I exist. Our life has turned 180 degrees. ”

During the last period, the family suffered a disaster when “Maha” announced that her apartment had been flooded, without saying the reason, which led to damage to most of the apartment’s furniture.

Artist Magdy Kamel was puzzled and amazed at what is happening to his family. He attributed the matter to the family’s exposure to “a lot of envy.”

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