Ozil hits his club and takes on the salary of “Arsenal Dinosaur”


And unexpectedly, the news sparked the suspension of the use of the amulet Arsenal The famous, Tyrannosaurus Jerry Coy, had a great controversy among the club fans, which vehemently objected to the removal Mascot The nice guy who accompanied the club for 27 years on the field.

Some attacked the club’s decision, noting that a player like the German Mesut Ozil, Who gets paid more than 300,000 euros per week, his salary must be suspended because he does not participate with the team, unlike Dinosaur Which brings joy to many.

Ozil responded on Tuesday on his official page, indicating that he would take care of the salary and costs of using the amulet Dinosaur Jerry CoyHe always remained a player at Arsenal.

Ozil wrote on his account: “I was very sad when I heard that our loyal and famous mascot Jerry Coy, who is an important part of the club, will stop using it after 27 years.”

He added, “This is why I offer to pay full pay for our big green dinosaur. I have always played for Arsenal, so that Jerry can continue to do his job, which he loves so much.”

It is reported that Ozil is at odds with the Spanish coach Mikel Arteta, Which kept him completely out of the squad, making the player a great burden on the club due to his high salary.


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