“Phoebe Gerges” .. Who was the first woman to hold the position of Representative of Parliament in Egypt?


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Phoebe Gerges won the post of undersecretary for the Senate, in the elections that were held in the first session of the House, on Sunday.

“Gerges” said in press statements, on Sunday, that her election as a deputy to the council “is an event that sets a precedent that bears many connotations, which is the election of a woman for the first time as a representative to a parliament, a victory for Egyptian women and an affirmation of the merit of Egyptian women in all leadership positions.”

It is noteworthy that the media figure, Phoebe Fawzi Gerges Philemon, Vice President of the Senate, a member of the Republican People’s Party, works as the chief editor of news for Channel TV at the National Media Authority, and holds a BA in Mass Communications from the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University in 1983, and a Master of Mass Communication from the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University in 1998

Gerges progressed functionally from 1988 when she was appointed head of the English language department in the first regional channel outside the capital, and through her work she practiced all kinds of media work starting from preparing, directing and producing programs in all their forms ending with documentary and documentary films for which she wrote the script and commentary.

One of the most important public work stations was her membership in the National Council for Women since its inception, so she was the alternate rapporteur of the Ismailia branch.

She was a member of a number of civil society organizations and NGOs, as well as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Public Library of Egypt since its inception.

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