Pique: I asked Messi to wait for new people to come


Barcelona defender Gerard Pique revealed a message he sent to his fellow Argentine Lionel Messi, the legend of the Catalan team during his crisis with the club’s management this summer, after announcing his desire to leave Barca.

Messi had sent an official fax to the Barcelona administration headed by Josep Maria Bartomeu to request to leave for free, before he backed down and announced his stay after the club stipulated paying 700 million euros in the penalty clause in order to be able to leave.

Pique said, in an interview with the newspaper “La Vanguardia”: “I did not contact Messi much during that period because it was a very personal decision.”

He added, “I remember telling him (Leo, it’s only a year and new people will come to the club).”

And he continued: “If you are the president of Barcelona in a different way, a player who has given you a lot over 16 years, you are obligated to reach an agreement with him, it cannot be clear that the two parties are so far apart.”

He continued: “Messi deserves everything. The new stadium must bear his name and then the name of the sponsor. We must preserve our myths, not distort them.”

He explained: “It surprises me that people like Pep Guardiola, Calis Puyol, Xavi Hernandez and Victor Valdes are not in the club, this indicates that something is not done correctly.”

The third captain of Barcelona completed his remarks, saying: “How do I see Messi in everyday life? I see him very good in general, he is very enthusiastic and is a reflection of the dressing room and the example that must be followed, if he is fine, this gives us peace of mind.”


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