Please reveal the date of the talk about the transfer of Badr Bannon to Al-Ahly


Said Wahba, spokesperson for Western Raja Club, expressed his great happiness at winning the Moroccan League, for the twelfth time in its history, after his deadly victory over its guest team, the Royal Army, with a score of 1-2, in the match that brought the two teams together, at the “Mohammed V” stadium, In the 30th and final round of the competition, he said during televised statements: “The team’s players are happy to achieve the Moroccan League … and we will start preparing for Zamalek from tomorrow.”

On the joining of Badr Bannon, the defender of Raja to Al-Ahly club, Saeed Wahba commented: “We focus in the African Champions League championship and have a large number of new players within our ranks.” African Champions League”.

Badr Bannon, the defender of Raja, became on his way to the Al-Ahly club after more than one source confirmed that the deal had been settled, the latest of which was the announcement by the international “Transfer Market” website that the deal of Moroccan Raja defender Badr Bannon to Al-Ahly ranks It has already been completed and will be announced on October 21 The red lockers will cost 1.84 million euros, equivalent to 34 million Egyptian pounds or more, and the site indicated that the player will be qualified as of October 21, and that his joining is thus a player for the ranks of the Red Castle, starting from the new season.

Bannon will be a strong addition to Al-Ahly defense, before the start of the new season, especially as he has great experience and at the top of his level and he is at the age of 27 years now, as the player was born on September 30, 1993 and is distinguished by physical strength and reaches a length of 193 cm. For him only to defend the colors of hope and the rise of a volcano.

He joined the Moroccan national team since 2017, participated in 7 international matches, scored a goal, and was on the list of the Atlas Lions in the 2018 World Cup with coach Hervey Renard, and he has continental experience and participated in 7 matches in the Champions League and scored 3 goals and played 24 matches in the Confederation, scored 3 goals also and was crowned in the Confederation in 2018 and the African Super Cup as well, and locally won the League in 2013 and the Cup twice in 2012 and 2017.

Bannon drew the attention of Al-Ahly officials because of the great capabilities that he possesses, the most prominent of which is his physical build, which helps him in both the offensive and defensive sides, and is good at scoring goals, whether with the header, shot, or penalty kicks.


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