Pope Tawadros: We thank the state agencies for the establishment of the Cathedral of Good News 3 (photos)


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Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of Saint Mark Episcopate, presided over the Divine Liturgy, Thursday, at the Cathedral of Our Lady with “Good News 3”, after its inauguration with his own hand and the participation of a number of church rabbis.

In the sermon of the Mass, His Holiness thanked the state apparatus and the modernity for the completion of the cathedral, noting that the most important characteristic of this cathedral is that it is beautiful, spacious and high, and the Pope made these three characteristics the subject of the sermon, and said, A beautiful church in everything and it is most beautiful that our souls are as beautiful as it. The soul that is beautified with the virtues is the abode of God, and a spacious and comfortable church, and this quality teaches us the virtue of widening the heart for all.

And he said in his sermon: On this blessed day, beloved, as we celebrate the inauguration of this holy church, its three altars, its icons, and its baptism, we celebrate on this day this spiritual celebration that makes our hearts happy, and when we come to this church and see it as a new church and a church in which the state agencies cooperated with the church with its fathers and all The tendency is that there is a dwelling place, a place, and a place for God so that he who lives in this new area, this church has many sweet qualities, but I will stand before you with some of the characteristics that exist in the church and learn from them for our life, because the church is not just stones, but the church is people who are members of the body of Christ I will meditate through the three characteristics for our souls and our lives.

He added: “It is a beautiful church, and the first thing you feel is when you see a church that you feel is beautiful in terms of icons and decorations, but it is more beautiful that our souls are also beautiful. With a life of virtue in which he lives and fills his mind, his heart and his life.

The Pope said that today is a day of joy in the presence of all the beloved fathers and bishops, and we share Pope Ilarion his joy and service in this sector with all the priests and fathers and your great interest and love. The honor of visiting the President of the Republic, and its establishment, which was done with great love from everyone, all the beloved brothers and all the people in it, and everyone who participated in donations, prayers, experiences, engineers, workers and everyone who participated to come out with this beautiful picture and be happy with it today, and the region is new “good news” and meaning (joy) and the Church was present in An area that was a slum area, and with the efforts of the state, the government and the armed forces, it replaced it from difficult, dangerous and sub-standard areas until it became with this beauty and the most beautiful thinking behind the issue because the president, as he opened the place, said a very important phrase: “There was an intention in this project to have a mosque, three schools, a church and playgrounds. Schools are to the right and left of a mosque and a church, and this includes teaching and education from a young age and growing up, and he feels this equality and this unity that unites us all as Egyptians. ” An important message that has a very important meaning, in addition to the fact that the church has its spiritual and social role and has a medical center serving all Egyptians.

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