Q and A: Know the developments of Al-Ahly’s deal with Badr Bannon?


Moroccan Badr Bannon, defender of Moroccan Raja, caught the eye during the past few days, after many talked about the Al-Ahly club’s negotiations with the player and how close he was to the Red Castle, especially after his participation with his club in the last unjust match in Zamalek in Morocco in the first leg of the African Champions League semi-finals, which White won with a clean goal.

Al-Ahly’s deal with Badr Bannon captured the attention of the Al-Ahly fans, especially in light of the scattering of news about some inside Al-Ahly thinking about retreating from the deal, claiming the poor level of the player in the recent Zamalek match .. In the following report, we shed light on the developments in Al-Ahly’s negotiations with Badr Bannon and to the details:

Q: What about Al-Ahly’s last negotiations with Badr Bannon?

A: Ahly He finished all the details with the Moroccan defender and with the Raja club and resolved all the details of the deal.

Q: Will Al-Ahly withdraw from the deal after the player appeared poorly in the last Zamalek match?

A: No … according to the information received from inside the Red Castle, Al-Ahly has not and will not back down from completing the deal after resolving matters and all the details with hope and the player together, just as everyone in Al-Ahly is fully convinced of the player’s abilities and high technical capabilities and that the contract with him came after a long evaluation and not in A match or two.

Q: When is the deal announced?

A: After the end of the African Champions League, the tournament will be closed on November 6, according to the decision of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

Q: Did Musimane have a say in resolving the Badr Bannon deal?

A: Al-Ahly ended the Badr Bannon deal some time ago and before contracting with Musimane on the first of October, but the South African coach welcomed and blessed the deal after he was fully convinced of the player’s abilities.


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