Quarrels between the Al-Masry and Zamalek players because of Imam Ashour dancing on the ball


A quarrel broke out in the Zamalek and Al-Masry club match, after the final whistle blew, which was held in the thirty-first round of the Egyptian Premier League competition.

Imam Ashour, after dancing on the ball in the last moments before the final whistle was fired, provoked the Al-Masry players, and after the end of the match, there was a exchange between the Port Said team players and the Zamalek player, and they ran behind Imam Ashour until the dressing rooms.

Zamalek goalkeeper Mahmoud Abdel Rahim Jensh calmed the Egyptian club players and spoke to Ahmed Masoud, Al Masry’s goalkeeper outside the stadium.

The meeting began with pressure from the club Egyptian Mahmoud Wadi, the striker of the Port Said team, hit the ball with his head, and Mohamed Abu Jabal, the goalkeeper of Zamalek, sent it to a corner kick and Omar Kamal hit a strong ball that was caught by the White Castle keeper.
Attempts were made to penetrate the defenses of the Egyptian sent Ahmed Syed Zizou A cross ball in the fourth minute, the defenders of the Port Said team defeated it, and Omar Kamal led a counter-attack sent by Long to Moftah Taqtak, but went out to the Nemas throw in the sixth minute.
Send Abdullah Jumaa A cross ball in the ninth minute, Kasongo could not catch up with it, and the Al-Masry goalkeeper caught it, and Omar Kamal collided in front of the penalty area for Zamalek after one of the attacks and fell to the ground, which forced international Amin Omar, referee of the match, to stop the match to treat him in the tenth minute.
Al-Winch succeeded in the 12th minute in preventing the first investigator after he shot Mahmoud Wadi Al-Masry striker, a powerful ball with his head, Al-Wensh removed his chest and returned it to Muhammad Abu Jabal, the keeper of the White Castle.
And calculate Amin Omar In the 14th minute, a penalty kick after Ahmed Hamed Shousha touched the ball with his hand, and the match referee returned to the video technique known as WHERE Mahmoud Alaa scored the White Knight’s first goal in the 16th minute.
وقاد Kasungu Zamalek counterattacked in the 25th minute and passed the ball to Ahmed Sayed Zizou, who shot it hard inside the penalty area. Ashraf Bencharki failed to catch up and turned into a corner kick.
In the 26th minute, the referee, Amin Omar, awarded a penalty kick in favor of Al-Masry after the ball touched a hand Mahmoud Alaa The referee returned to video technology and canceled the decision.
Arose Ferjani Sassi The Zamalek player in the Al-Masry meeting took off the stethoscope from Amin Omar, the referee of the meeting and objected to his decisions and assaulted him, and the referee expelled him in the 36th minute, and Kasongo failed in the 41st minute to catch one of the dangerous balls on the Al-Masry goalkeeper’s goal, and Muhammad Abu Jabal saved his goal in the 45th minute from the equalizer after Moftah hit A rocket ball creaked, which the Zamalek goalkeeper sent to a corner kick.
In the stoppage time of the first half, Amin Omar counted a penalty kick for Zamalek after the Al-Masry defender paid Ahmed Syed Zizou Inside the penalty area, Mahmoud Alaa shot it in the post and passed outside the stadium.

The Egyptian club started the second half with offensive pressure on Zamalek’s defenses and Grant Amin Omar The referee of the match was a yellow card against Ezzy Emeka, the Egyptian player, after he blocked Zamalek player Abdullah Jumaa in the 48th minute.
In the 52nd minute, the Egyptian club players demanded a penalty kick after an exposure Karim Al Iraqi To fall inside the penalty area, and attempts were made by Mahmoud Wadi inside the penalty area, but the defenses of the White Castle succeeded in removing them.
The Egyptian club dominated the course of the meeting and saved Mohammed Abu Jabal In the 58th minute he scored from the equalizing goal after Omar Kamal paid a powerful ball, he removed it with difficulty.

The most famous in the 62nd minute was the referee of the match, a yellow card against Ali Maher, Al-Masry coach, after his objection to the referee’s decisions, and Mohamed Abu Jabal, Zamalek goalkeeper, fell inside the penalty area after Mahmoud friction and Al-Masry striker led him, which led to the match being stopped for treatment and the latter got a warning.

In the 70th minute, the referee awarded a free kick in favor of Al-Masry in front of the penalty area Farid Shawqi Inside the penalty area, Mahmoud Wade shot it with a weak head.
وخرج Austin Amoto Al-Masry player in the 82nd minute after colliding with one of the Zamalek players and underwent treatment and left the stadium in an ambulance in an emergency change, and Ahmed Masoud’s goalkeeper Al-Masry stared and saved his goal from the opportunity to score Ashraf Bencharki the second goal in the 88th minute after he hit the ball and the goalkeeper removed it with his foot away from his goal.
And saved the goalkeeper of the Egyptian Ahmed Masoud His goal from a second goal after a strong shot from Ahmed Sayed Zizou in stoppage time and Hassan hit a rocket-propelled grenade from outside the penalty area that passes next to the goal. Yellow while making a change.


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