Rajaa Al-Jeddawi’s cemetery is broken and insects are released from it .. What happened to her after her death?


Amira Mukhtar, the son of the late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, answered the question of one of the follow-ups on the Instagram photo and video trading site about the neglect that occurred in her mother’s grave in the recent period, and it is one of the things that a number of people who go to her have noticed.

What happened to the cemetery of the late Rajaa Al-Jeddawi after her death?

The follow-up said, “God have mercy on her … don’t you, princess, accept the two words from me .. I entered the video of the burial in Madame Raja .. It is the money of the burial broken as if it has been years .. and broken on the side and has a large opening and insects enter it.”

She continued, “By God, I was sad because we love her and a chic artist, and the whole world is sad about her. where?.

Amira replied, “It has already been under restoration for more than a year … and is still under restoration and the back hole because these spaces will be taken to complete the street.”

She went on to say, “Mami used to manage it because she is the big one, but this is the family cemetery and I am the youngest of the family .. Thank you for the interest, and as my mother used to say, it is not important above its shape, eh .. the important thing is how it is .. Oh God, enlighten our graves all.”

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