Rania Youssef arouses the mockery of her followers after the appearance of her navel, from mother back to mother surra!


Al-Dabour – Rania Youssef Klakit, the tenth time, has sparked controversy among her followers and in the media and social media. The uproar came after Rania Youssef published photos of a new appearance at the El Gouna Festival and a controversial new dress, in which she appeared almost naked as usual, but with different openings this time.
Rania Youssef in a failed and ugly dress, as most of those who commented on her last appearance said, showed her navel in it, as there were many openings for the strange strange dress, from openings from above to show the chest to openings from the back to the back, to openings in the midst to show the navel, to the openings at the bottom to show the legs .

Many of my followers commented Controversial artist. And who was investigated when she showed her butt at the last Cairo Festival. And she got distinguished fame at the time when she was imprisoned over that case after a number of lawyers submitted a formal complaint against her.

One of them said what he read as the wasp stung: โ€œRegarding the orange of Abu Surra, this is his system, meaning any artist, that is, the navel must be seen.โ€

An activist hanging on the dress said: โ€œMedicine, you have the deal for a unit of approximately 3 square meters, meaning if we take a meter and sugar the holes in front of it at, and a half a meter, we cover the back, and whoever prefers to work in it is not better? What is necessary for the opening at the navel? You, Rania, are a beautiful actress and your acting is sweet and famous, you do not have to show yourself in luxurious dresses.

Another said, commenting: โ€œThe navel is the elegance of the dress .. and no nakedness of your nakedness is necessary …โ€ while a follower of her also said: โ€œThe time comes to visit With the umbilical cordThe last word:Then you say #Disclose a harasser God suffices, and yes, the agent in you. โ€An activist also said, commenting on her enactment, what he stated:โ€œ I swear by God the One He will continue to vomit when I see you. Respect your age. โ€


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