Rania Youssef in El Gouna with a scandalous look … and the audience comments: “Your dress is a title for harassment.”


It is clear that the Egyptian actress, Rania Youssef, wants to stir up controversy permanently through her appearance in most of the festivals in which she participates, among which was the El Gouna Film Festival, in its fourth session, which was launched shortly before.
Actress Rania appeared on the red carpet wearing a bright one-shoulder dress. And it turned out that her hair was lifted up, in addition to applying the soft make-up that helped highlight her features.
Rania stated, during media statements, that she is very happy to attend the El Gouna Film Festival, four times in a row.

She also expressed her great happiness with showing the experience of the Harami series on the “watch vip” platform, saying: “Digital platforms are the future, and people in the Corona period were watching TV more than anything. I don’t love the social media. My daughters are the ones who follow, and I am willing to show Miss Farah’s series. 2 on November 11th.
While the comments of the followers came about the appearance, where one of the followers said: “The problem is Rania Youssef says no to harassment, like that completely, but the problem is that you wear a title for harassment.”

Another observer said: “I mean, the one preferred to wait for the El Gouna Festival because of his teacher, Rania Youssef’s dress.
Another follow-up mocked her dress: “Rania Youssef has the ability to change any need by wearing my own country by simply adding a simple costume like a throat.”

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