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The artist, Rania Youssef, revealed the reasons for always choosing very bold clothes and leading them on various social networking sites, noting that wearing her throughout her life was in this way due to her upbringing that she grew up with before entering the artistic community, stressing that everyone who did not like her clothes does not look at her. As for her, she will not change or abandon her boldness for any reason.

Rania Youssef said during an interview with the ET Arabic program broadcast on the “MBC” satellite on the sidelines of the fourth edition of the El Gouna Film Festival that she will never give up her daring in choosing her clothes for any reason, or for anyone, indicating that she is completely convinced of everything she does for him.

Rania Youssef emphasized that she never deliberately chooses bold clothes to draw attention or create trends through various social networking sites, saying: “My long life in bold clothing before I entered the artistic community, my upbringing is like this and my personality will not change it because of anyone.” Follow up: “ These trends are with themselves, and I don’t like my personality.

Rania Youssef catches the eye in the El Gouna Festival

Actress Rania Youssef appeared on the red carpet at the El Gouna International Film Festival for its fourth session, which started its opening ceremony the day before yesterday, and Rania Youssef wore a light pink dress, open from the left direction, and closed from the other direction, and Rania Youssef was usually able to catch her eye On the red carpet of the festival.

Honoring Khaled El Sawy at the El Gouna Festival

The El Gouna Film Festival, in its fourth and current session, honored the artist Khaled El Sawy with the Creative Achievement Award, and the official page of the festival was published on her official account on the microblogging site, “Twitter”: “Whether in artistic films or television, the Egyptian actor Khaled El Sawy has proven that he is an artist. Multi talents, able to present every character .. That is why we are honored to be Khaled El Sawy, the winner of the El Gouna Film Festival award for creative achievement, in order to honor the exceptional actor’s career.


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