Rania Youssef: My daughter and I were harassed and felt guilty that I could not protect her


The star, Rania Youssef, revealed that she and her eldest daughter were subjected to harassment and feared gatherings and crowds, and after the famous case of harassment, she decided to expose all social media harassers.

Rania said, during the evening program dmc, for the media, Iman Al Hosary, broadcast on the dmc channel, at a stage I and my older daughter were harassed, and my eldest girl remained nightmares and affected my psyche and felt guilty that I knew I protected her and when all I spoke about the famous issue of harassment I decided to expose the harasser because he is cowardly and afraid and I know For him and exposing him and you must destroy this is a simple punishment to the extent that it is held accountable.

And she continued, there is no justification for harassment because of open clothing, medicine that harasses a child, and whoever molestes a man with a man, and who harasses a child, Leah justify by wearing the Pampers child, what justification is the harasser is sick and must be treated and silence is never correct. Harassment is a disease in all countries of the world, but when it is a deterrent punishment, everyone will fear



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