Rania Youssef on her daughter’s dress in El Gouna: “My families encourage me to be mischievous … and what I see is not open.”


Actress Rania Youssef commented on her daughter Nancy wearing her controversial dress in the previous period because of the “lining”, saying: “The dresses worked with sweet problems, light blood and naughty problems … and this is fine. It is all sadness.” And she continued, “My children encourage me to be miserable.”

Actress Rania Youssef said, in her meeting with the media, Lamis El Hadidy, during her presentation of a special coverage of the “Final Word” program for the conclusion of the El Gouna Film Festival, saying: “The dress is fine and not open any more, and what I see is more than what you see.”

Rania Youssef’s daughter commented on wearing the dress: “I was not bothered by Mama’s dresses because one of them wore it, and I wore the one that made two hearts.” “Mama shaped like a moon and there are people who bothered me because of the dress.”

Rania Youssef added that her work talks about her, adding: “We all wear and dress up in festivals, or we go to the festivals, why do we go, and the festival means what dresses mean jewelry means jewelry, and I don’t want negative needs forever.”

For her part, the daughter of the artist revealed the first impression when her son wore the controversial dress at the beginning, saying: “I told her not to wear this dress at the festival because no one could understand it, but the festival went with it and made two hearts, and I was happy with the hearts that happened.”


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