Reactions from Arsenal fans to Mohamed Al Nani’s performance and wearing the captaincy in front of Dundalk


Arsenal fans praised the performance of our Egyptian pro, Mohamed El-Nani, the midfielder of El Ganners, after his participation in the Dundalk match in the European League.

The Janners defeated Dundalk by three goals in the match that brought them together yesterday evening, Thursday, on the “Emirates” stadium, as part of the second round of the group stage in the Europal League matches.See the match report).

Neni He played as a main player in Thursday’s match, after missing the game last Sunday, and played the entire match and carried the captaincy for the first time during his career with Arsenal since the 74th minute after Xhakas exit.

Watch a summary of Mohammed Al Nani’s touches in the match between Arsenal and Dundalk

Al Neni performed well, and Arsenal fans praised his midfield work today.

The championships to monitor the reactions of the Arsenal fans, which came as follows:

Beginning with a fan wrote: “To be fair, Nani is an organized player and deserves no disrespect.”

Another wrote: “We got a balanced performance from our new leader, Mohamed El-Niny.”

A fan tweeted: “Nani was solid today, there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic about the future with Arteta as a coach.”

One wrote: “Neni was wonderful today.”

Another tweeted: “Nani played a good game today, I hope he replaces Xhaka, and Arteta will see the light!”

And the last request was directed by Mikel Arteta, coach of Al Janners, tweeting: “Nani is our main player in midfield, you should start with it, Mikel.”

Another wrote: “Nene is better in today’s match at this position.”

A fan tweeted: “No, we are not defeated in any match played by Nini so far this season.”

We continue with the tweets, with one of them writing: “The performance of the neni was consistent, he impressed me every time.”

Another wrote: “Nani has not played a bad match for us, even once since Arteta came.”

A fan wrote: “Al-Nani is the leader and the best Egyptian player in the English Premier League.”

We conclude with a fan who wrote: “Nani once again played well, he should play instead of Xhaka.”

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