Real Madrid and Barcelona news: An unexpected surprise in the El Clasico penalty kick … what did the flag bearer say to the referee?


Referee Juan Martinez Monoeira – Spanish League

Sport 360 – The penalty kick received by Superstar Sergio Ramos, captain Real MadridIn the El Clasico match, on a defender Barcelona Climo Lenglet, from which the first scored the second goal of the Merengue, raises a lot of controversy in the Spanish media, while a new report revealed an unexpected surprise whose hero was the referee, Juan Martinez Monoeira and his assistant.

Real Madrid decided the last El Clasico match, which was held in the seventh round of La Liga At the Camp Nou stadium in his favor, by beating home Barcelona by 3-0.

Monoeira had awarded a penalty kick in favor of Real Madrid after returning to video technology, due to the act of pulling Linglet on Ramos by his shirt, a penalty kick that met with great objection by Barcelona officials, headed by coach Ronald Koeman.

Barcelona officials strongly objected to Real Madrid’s penalty kick

For its part, the Spanish website “Quattro” published an audio recording that claimed that the dialogue between the referee Martinez Monoeira and the flag bearer, its content came to set off a big and unexpected surprise.

In the audio recording, the flag bearer is heard talking to the referee about the controversial game and telling him: “Ramos pulled the shirt (belonging to his wife) first, it is a violation of Ramos, it is a violation of Ramos.”

The report confirmed that Barcelona is studying the video room registration request, to find out the details of the conversation that took place between the referee Monoera and the flag bearer, as well as the video judges.

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