Recorded 73 sex clips .. Imprisonment of the accused of adultery in Kafr El-Sheikh


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Wednesday 28 October 2020

Kafr El Sheikh – Islam Ammar:

Counselor Ahmed Shafiq Barakat, chief prosecutor of Bandar Kafr El Sheikh, ordered the detention of a woman of Kafr El Sheikh, accused of practicing prostitution without discrimination with other people, for 4 days pending investigations, after her husband’s report against her accusing her of adultery, by establishing an illegal relationship with someone People in an Arab country.

Raed Nofal, the lawyer for the victim’s husband, confirmed that the accused had been investigated on Tuesday, after her arrest, and she was detained pending investigations, and presented again to the prosecution, today, Wednesday, to complete the investigations with her and confront her with investigations, and accordingly the decision to imprison her was issued today, Wednesday. , 4 days pending investigations.

A judicial source at the Kafr El Sheikh First Instance Court stated, in statements to Masrawy, that the defendant was brought before the Bandar Kafr El Sheikh Misdemeanor Court, today, Wednesday, to renew her detention, before the opposition judge, due to the issuance of an official holiday in government agencies, on Thursday to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday, and Friday. Weekly rest, and it is supposed to renew her detention early Thursday, while a decision was issued to renew her detention for 15 days pending investigations.

The investigations conducted by Moataz Baghdadi, Prosecutor of Bandar Kafr El Sheikh, with the secretariat of Sir Ahmed Abdel Moati, the investigation secretary, with the accused, “S.M., a housewife, in which she confessed to having an illegal relationship, with only one person, who appears with her in the pictures monitored against her.” In an Arab country, for a specific fee, by agreement between them.

In confronting her with pictures, pornographic videos, and audio conversations, between her and the second complainant, within 4 hours of interrogations with her, yesterday, Monday, the accused affirmed her health, except for the pornographic videos attached in the accusation document.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the guards of the Kafr El Sheikh First Instance Court arrested the accused of adultery, having an illegal relationship with a person, and filming pornographic videos in an Arab country, while she was in the Grand Prosecutor of Bandar Kafr El Sheikh.

Counselor Ahmed Shafiq Barakat, Chief Prosecutor of Bandar Kafr El Sheikh, ordered the arrest of the accused while she was in the Public Prosecution Office, due to the issuance of a previous decision by the Public Prosecution to arrest her and bring her against the background of accusing her of practicing adultery.

Counselor Yasser Al-Rifai, the former attorney general of the Kfar Al-Sheikh College Prosecutions, had ordered an investigation into the accusations of “MAA”, 36 years old, a butcher, and he lives in the village of Al-Hamrawi, the district of Kafr El-Sheikh police station, for his wife practicing adultery and establishing an illegal relationship.

When asked by the husband, he said that at the end of last Ramadan, and after his wife obtained a leave of absence, he received on his phone via WhatsApp from a phone number in the Arab country, text conversations between them and a person, containing sexual expressions, in addition to receiving 73 pornographic videos in which the accused appeared in her voice With the same person.

In his statements, he said that there are 135 voice calls and 49 conversations that prove that they have had an illegal relationship with a person from the center of Riyadh, who resides there in an Arab country, and accordingly, the report No. 8 states was issued on September 1, 2020 in the Internet Investigation in Tanta, as well as edited Minutes No. 3826 of 2020, Administrative of Kafr El Sheikh Police Department.

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