Reda Abdel Aal: Tanta is in Al-Aly after the departure of “the Christian women and the Maronite women” and their lives must be cut short


Reda Abdel-Al, the technical director of the first football team at Tanta Club, expressed his happiness with the victory over his counterpart Enppi with a score of 1/2 in the match that brought them together this evening, in the framework of the last round of the Premier League, indicating that he is happy with the performance of his players despite the confirmation of the relegation of the second division league, And achieving victory over the petroleum team for the first time in the history of the sons of Mr. Al-Badawi, as it is the first victory for the team outside his home country.

Abdel-Al added in statements to “On Time Sports” that he thanked his players for the performance and their understanding of the instructions, saying: “The performance of the team has evolved after the Al-Ahly match, and we lost confrontations due to arbitration errors, and I know that the team relegated, but it is not necessary for the referee to be relegated.” Means”.

He continued: “In her psyche was lonely, and she thought herself Christian and Maradian, and when they walked from the team, his performance developed and was not affected by the departure of any of them, and I ask the clubs not to contract with them because they are not playing football, and the brokers are the ones who made a price for them, and I talk about it to cut off their livelihood. A team that would contract with them would be a waste of public money. ”

Reda Abdel-Al talked about relegation for the second division league, saying: “Tanta deserves to remain in the excellent, because he offers much better performance than continuous teams, and I ask the Football Association to cancel the relegation, because the league clubs refused to return to the competition and did not agree until after they obtained a promise to cancel the relegation. “.

Team occupies Enppi Sixth place with 48 points from 34 games, winning 12 and tied in like it, losing 10 matches, scoring 34 goals and conceding 33 goals, while Tanta is in last place in the league table with 22 points after playing 34 games, winning 3 matches, tied in 13 and lost 18 matches, and scored His players scored 22 goals and conceded 54 goals.


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