Rehab asks her husband to take off: “He tried to harass my sister and her daughter.”


07:00 AM

Wednesday 28 October 2020

I wrote – Nour Al-Amrousi:

“Rehab A.A.” filed a lawsuit with the Family Court in Heliopolis asking for a divorce from her husband, justifying “my husband tried to assault my sister and daughter.”

Thirteen years ago, Rehab married 40 years to Emad N., 46, an accountant, and they had two children. The wife says that her biggest problem with her husband is his belief that “all women love him,” noting that she warned him of her inability to bear his behavior. .

The wife said that her sister is married and resides in the Emirates and has a high school girl, and that during her conversation with her she complained about the difficult financial conditions and her husband’s low salary. She said that she would send Imad a visit to the Emirates to help him provide a better job opportunity.

Rehab added, “My husband, from the first day of my sister’s arrival in the Emirates, is trying to harass her and her daughter, and she asked him to return to Egypt quietly, fearing her husband (he might have killed him).”

And the wife added that one day her husband took advantage of her sister’s husband’s presence at work and tried to assault her and her daughter, directing his conversation to her, “I feel that you love me and your daughter also loves me clearly in your eyes, so my sister expelled him from the house after threatening him that she would call her husband and tell him to leave the house.”

According to the lawsuit, the wife was surprised by a phone call from her sister in the Emirates, insulting and insulting her because of her husband, then the latter asked her for a return ticket, so she closed the phone in his face.

Rehab decided to resort to the family court requesting khula in case No. 2611 of 2020, and the case is still pending.

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