Renault famously transforms Megane into a stylish Aya vehicle


Renault famously transforms Megane into a stylish Aya vehicle

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Despite the widespread popularity of the Megane in various countries of the world, Renault decided to make it more distinctive and in line with modern requirements.

One of the things that caught the most attention of Renault fans in the new Megane model is that the car got an elegant and streamlined hatchback body that distinguishes it from all modern mid-class cars.

This vehicle was unique in the design of the distinctive headlights, the design of the taillights that extended to the sides and the elegant width of the trunk door, as well as the design of the radiator grille, in which the chrome-covered accessories and the Renault logo were elegantly combined.

As for the cabin of this car, it got sports seats for 5 passengers, and an advanced interface with a 10.2-inch touch screen, which can be used to view GPS maps, or view the car’s surroundings via cameras.

And the new Megane also got many important features such as light and rain sensors, cruise control systems, automatic braking systems and blind spot monitoring to avoid accidents, electrical systems to control the temperature of the seats, steering wheel, glass and mirrors, and systems to track traffic signs on the roads.

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This vehicle will be available with several types of engines, a TCe turbocharged engine with a capacity of 1.0 liters and 115 horsepower, a TCe engine with a capacity of 1.3 liters and a torque of 140 horsepower, and a turbocharged engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters and 115 torque, and versions with hybrid engines will also be offered.

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