Report .. 4 problems facing “Mercato” Manchester United


Despite the team’s need for strong support in a season of heated conflicts in the English Premier League, Manchester United has only signed a single player so far, so that its Norwegian coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is in real trouble, just 48 hours before the transfer market closes this season.

Manchester United won the services of Dutch midfielder Donny Van de Beek, from the ranks of Ajax Amsterdam, for 39 million euros, but he has not succeeded in resolving the deals related to his most important goals so far, some of which have become a real reality for the English club at the start of its new season.

Young winger Jadon Sancho, the star of Borussia Dortmund, is the most prominent goal of Manchester United since last summer, but the intransigence of the German club’s management regarding the financial compensation in return for giving up his services made the completion of the deal unlikely at the present time.

The player showed a clear desire to move to Manchester United, a desire that corresponds to the club’s need for his services, but Borussia Dortmund has repeatedly stressed that he will not give up the 120 million euros for the player’s transfer.

The management of the English club confirmed that it was not ready to pay that amount, and offered alternative solutions, most notably the addition of incentives with huge sums that the German club would receive in the future, or the amount in installments, but Borussia Dortmund rejected those attempts.

The impasse faced by Manchester United regarding contracting with Sancho prompted him to move towards alternative solutions, most notably the attempt to sign Frenchman Osman Dembele, the Barcelona wing, and the veteran Uruguayan, Edinson Cavani, whose contract with French club Paris Saint-Germain ended.

But Manchester United’s problems continued even in his alternative solutions, as the accession of either of the two stars to its ranks was suspended due to the details of the contract with the Catalan club, as well as with the agents of the Uruguayan star.

Manchester United would like to contract with Dembele on loan, in light of his continued hopes of contracting with Sancho next summer, but Barcelona refused to give up his French player except through the final sale, due to his need for liquidity to cover his desired contracting expenses before the Mercato closes, The most prominent of which is the attempt to sign Dutchman Memphis Depay, the star of the French team Lyon.

The English club realizes the value of contracting with Cavani, who in turn welcomed joining the ranks of Manchester United, but the former Paris Saint-Germain striker’s desire to sign a contract that extends for several seasons is completely rejected by the English club, according to Sky Sports, due to the old age of the player. 33 years old.

Cavani’s demand for a huge salary, as well as his agents’ demand to obtain huge commissions for the completion of the deal, in an effort to benefit from the player’s services free of charge, held talks between the two parties in the last hours.

The left-back is one of the most prominent centers that Manchester United needs urgent support in, in light of the modest level of Luke Shaw, his current back, and the English club tried to sign Serge Regilon from the ranks of Real Madrid, but a dispute over the details of the deal shifted the player’s destination to Tottenham Hotspur.

Manchester United’s interest has shifted to Brazilian Alex Telles, the Portuguese player of Porto, but the financial details also stand in the way of the completion of the deal, in light of the Portuguese club’s demand for 25 million euros, a number that Manchester United refuses to pay, given the approaching end of the player’s contract with his club.

According to English reports, Manchester United refuses to pay 25 million euros for the contract with the player whose contract expires at the end of next season, and it also depends on the player’s desire to join his ranks.

Manchester United settles in thirteenth place in the Premier League table, after a meager start that began with a loss at home by three to one against Crystal Palace, before a hard-fought victory over Brighton by three to two, in the tenth minute of stoppage time, while his confrontation was postponed. Editorial in front of Aston Villa.


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