Report: Malicious attacks targeted 1,000 schools and universities around the world from June to September


A global report revealed that the education sector has been targeted with a number of malicious attacks of the same type spear phishing Between June and September, it affected more than 1,000 schools, colleges and universities around the world spear phishing A phishing attack targeting a specific organization or individual, a company report said Barracuda Networks , The leading provider of cloud security solutions, educational institutions are more than twice as vulnerable to a carefully designed commercial email attack (BECCompared to other organizations.

Using this type of attack, hackers infiltrated school systems, leading to heavy losses, and the report said that while the volume of attacks decreased by 10-14% during July and August, the number increased dramatically in September.

According to Gadgetsnow, Moraly Urs said Barracuda Networks : “While online teaching and learning is an important part of the new normal, it is also important for students and teachers to act cautiously before and during the posting of lessons online. Not every system has an up-to-date virus protection, and not everyone knows how to respond to these attacks. Investing in the right cybersecurity solutions along with acquiring appropriate knowledge about prevention methods is the need of the hour. ”

The researchers also highlighted the emergence of two more common types of attacks, which are fraudulent e-mails and impersonation of service identity, against schools between July and September, and the report also revealed that Gmail accounts were the primary means for cybercriminals to launch the attacks mentioned above – they account for 86% of all attacks. BEC On the education sector.

Cyber ​​criminals prefer to use well-known email providers such as Gmail Because it is free, easy to sign up, and has a higher reputation in the market, they personalize harmful email addresses using terms such as “admin”, “department head”, “school” and “president” to make them look realistic.

In fact, the attackers used compelling objective lines to quickly attract the victim’s attention and thus create a sense of urgency, and the report said some of them included updates. COVID-19 El Jadida, the school meeting COVID-19, And update COVID-19Now, follow-up, among other things.


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