Reports: Kaf denies transferring the African Champions League final from Cairo to Burj Al Arab


Press reports revealed that the African Champions League Final will be held on the scheduled date of November 6, at Cairo Stadium, and there is no intention of the Clubs Committee of the African Football Association “enough” to Transfer it to the Burj Al Arab In Alexandria, as some reports alleged, the South African site “African Soccer Updates” said that the final will be at Cairo Stadium, according to what was confirmed by a source in the Clubs Committee.

Reports had indicated that the final had been transferred to Burj Al Arab, which raised questions about the reasons for this transfer, which some linked to the possibility of holding the match with a limited audience, but a source in the Clubs Committee denied holding the match in Alexandria, and therefore the African Champions League final will be held at Cairo International Stadium on November 6. Next, between Al-Ahly and the qualifying match against Zamalek and Moroccan Raja, scheduled for November 1 in the second leg of the semi-finals of the Champions League, especially since Al-Abyad won the first leg in Morocco with an unanswered goal, and with the red genie harvesting the qualifying card, the final match would be held in Cairo, according to The African Football Confederation (CAF) has approved the African Champions League Final match in Cairo if an Egyptian team qualifies..

Al-Ahly team rose to the final of the African Champions League after achieving a big victory over Moroccan Wydad by three goals for a goal in the match that brought them together on Friday evening at Cairo Stadium in the second leg of the African Champions League semi-finals..

Al-Ahly’s rise to the final match came after Al-Ahly won the first leg in Morocco last Saturday with a clean double, to confirm the red genie his eligibility to win the first-leg match. The Egyptian champion refuses to return to the “time of miracles” through Wydad. Al-Ahly came very close to recovering the African princess after it beat the Moroccan champion by five. Goals in the two games go and back.

Al-Ahly scored a hat-trick by Marwan Mohsen, Hussein Al-Shahat and Yasser Ibrahim, while Al-Wadad Baher Al-Murtaja scored. Al-Ahly is waiting for the winner from Zamalek and Moroccan Raja, where it meets Egyptian and Moroccan champions on November 1 in the semi-final second leg after Zamalek won with a clean goal in Morocco.


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