Researchers create the smallest boat in the world capable of sailing within head hair .. Video


Researchers from Leiden University created a small boat using 3D printing, about a third of the thickness of a human hair, to follow the bacteria known as microswimmers, to better understand how they work, and the researchers were able to develop this boat, which they called Benchy the tugboat – Using a new technology that allows him to swim behind small particles, as it measures 30 micrometers or about 0.001 inches and requires an electron microscope to capture his images of his full body.

According to the British “Daily Mail” website, the team said that these three-dimensional printed nanobodies could be designed in the future to deliver targeted drugs inside the body or diagnose some cases.

Physicists Rachel Doherty and Daniela Kraft have used this new 3D-printed boat in their effort to understand micro-swimmers – tiny particles found in liquids.Most research of this type has been done on spherical particles, but 3D printing offers new possibilities, according to the team. They also printed spiral-shaped particles that spin along as they are pushed through the water to track the exact swimmers that can be seen under a microscope.

The team says the boat is even capable of sailing in water – and it can track minute swimmers in droplets of liquid under a microscope. It is a fully functional “synthetic micro-swimmer” who can propel himself through the liquid through a chemical reaction involving a small piece of platinum that reacts with hydrogen. In the environment to provide payment.


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