Romantic and Kisses – Turkish Murad Yildirim celebrates the birthday of his Moroccan wife Iman Albani | news


Turkish artist Murad Yildirim celebrated the birthday of the wife of former Miss Morocco Iman Albani.

Video – Turkish actor Murad Yildirim and his Moroccan wife Iman Albani in a new advertisement

Iman Al-Bani, through her official account on the Instagram website and application, published a video of the small celebration that her husband, the Turkish star, surprised her.

Iman commented on the video, a writer: “My beloved and my dear husband, Murad, oh the most precious thing in the universe. Thank you for all the sweet surprises that you presented to me. Thank you, my love, for your constant giving. May God bless you, my best heart. Thank you, my dear ones, from the bottom of my heart for your noble feelings and your kind words that filled my heart with joy. May God never deprive me of you and your love for me, and you have always been safe for me.

Murad married Iman Albani in December 2016, and they held a wedding ceremony in Turkey and another in Morocco.

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