Ronaldo committed the “ban” in Italy … and he awaited the decision of Juventus


And underwent Juventus For health isolation in a hotel near the training center, after two employees tested positive for the new Corona virus.Covid-19“, last Saturday.

According to the newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport“Italian, the Ronaldo He did not agree to stay in the hotel for several days, as that would have prevented him from playing Portugal’s friendly match against Spain, which ended in a goalless draw.

Ronaldo and the rest of his teammates had already taken two negative tests, but according to Italian federation protocol, they needed another test in the following days to allow them to leave the hotel.

و .وضحت Italian newspaper That Ronaldo raised his voice in front of the club’s managers and colleagues, and decided to leave the dressing room of the “Allianz Stadium”, where the team arrived Sunday evening to meet Naples, Who did not show up for the match.

Ronaldo returned home before he traveled to Portugal To join his country’s national team the next day.

Ronaldo was not the only player who broke the isolation, but was followed by Argentine Paulo Dybala, Colombian Cuadrado, Brazilian Daniilo, Uruguayan Rodrigo, Bentancur and Turkish Merre Demiral, who joined the national teams, while Buffon returned home.

Juventus won, informing the members of the local health authority, who will notify the Public Prosecutor’s office of the names of the players who broke the rules, while the rest of the team remained in the hotel until Wednesday and when the isolation period ended, the players were allowed to return to their homes.


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