Ronaldo is in trouble .. He is being investigated in Italy for violating the health protocol


Vincenzo Spadafora, the Italian Minister of Sports, decided that the Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, is subject to investigation, for not respecting the rules of the health protocol in Italy after being infected with the Corona virus.

Ronaldo had been infected two weeks ago with the Coronavirus while he was with his country to play the European Nations League matches, where he participated in the Portugal and France match, but he missed the Sweden match, then returned to Turin, the stronghold of the Juventus team, on board his private plane.

The Italian minister confirmed that Ronaldo violated the rules of the health protocol in Italy and there will be an investigation by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office to prove this.

Ronaldo responded through his account on the social networking site “Instagram” to the Italian minister, saying: “I am at home, I respect the protocol, and I did not violate it as it was said .. It is a lie.”

Then the Portuguese star added, explaining the procedures that he follows: “I returned from Portugal because I and my team were keen to comply with all procedures. I returned to Italy by air ambulance and did not contact anyone in Turin, my family is on another floor of the house, and we do not communicate with each other.”

The problem began when Ronald left Italy to join his country’s camp, despite the fact that all Juventus team members entered quarantine after a number of Corona virus infections appeared in the team.

The Minister of Sports stresses that Ronaldo did not take the medical permit to leave, while Juventus club says that the Portuguese star’s departure from his country came after obtaining a medical permit.


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